Complete Your Smile with a Full Denture Set

Teeth lead a tough life, and almost all of us lose at least some of them over the years, whether due to tooth decay, gum disease or some accident. While the average Australian adult has four or five teeth missing, it is not uncommon to lose a lot more, even if you are serious about brushing, flossing and regular check-ups.

You are certainly not alone if you are missing most or all of your teeth. Thousands of Australians go through precisely this problem every year. A complete set of dentures represents a solution that works well, looks great and won’t cost you a fortune. 

Types of Full Denture Sets

Conventional full dentures in Brisbane are the obvious solution if you have no teeth at all. Otherwise known as a complete set of false teeth, we all know what they look like. The dentist will take several measurements and casts so that the prosthetist who makes the dentures can achieve the perfect fit for optimum comfort and appearance.  

We never advocate teeth extraction unless it is essential. If you have two or three survivors on your upper or lower jaw, we are more likely to recommend that those stay in place. With a set of overdentures, the gaps are filled with real-looking teeth, to which the plate can be securely clipped.  

Also, there is no obligation to get both full upper and lower dentures simultaneously. Some prefer to be in the spirit of “getting it all out of the way in one go,” while others feel it is easier to get used to them one at a time. As is the case with practically all dental procedures, there is no “right answer”, and your dentist will set forth the options and offer suggestions during your consultation.  

Lower Jaw Dentures Dentures in Brighton Brisbane

Getting Used To Full Dentures

There’s no avoiding it; they feel weird when you wear dentures in Brighton for the first time. These are, after all, prosthetics, just like an artificial arm or leg. The good news is that it is a lot easier to get the hang of using false teeth than other types of prosthetics.  

Once you have had them for a couple of weeks, you will start to get used to your dentures, and after a month or two, you will wonder how you ever managed without them. Adjustments are often needed to get them exactly right as they bed in, so we will ask you to pop in for regular follow-up checks. 

Taking Care of Your Dentures

Look after them properly; a full denture set will easily last for five years, often even longer. There are two aspects to denture care. Firstly, they need to be brushed like natural teeth to eliminate any stray food particles that could encourage bacteria to accumulate. If you need help or advice on how to best clean your set of dentures, we suggest you visit our Brighton clinic for an appointment.

Second, they should be left out of your mouth overnight to allow your gums and soft tissue to settle and heal to avoid irritation and infection.


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* Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

Common Questions For Full Dentures

How much are a full set of dentures?

A full set of dentures start from $3000 for upper and lower full dentures. This will include all appointments needed to make the dentures.

How many teeth does a full denture have?

Typically a set of full dentures will have at least 12 teeth per denture. However, there might be circumstances where fewer teeth are used if there isn’t enough room. If there are a small set of teeth to be part of the denture, this could be considered a partial denture and a slightly different procedure.


Are full dentures comfortable?

Whilst full dentures will feel different from natural teeth, most of our patients get used to their new dentures over time and find it comfortable to smile and eat. Very occasionally, a patient may be unable to tolerate full dentures due to difficulties such as a strong gag reflex. This will normally be identified at your initial consult, so be sure to raise it with your dentist so other options can be discussed and depending upon your budget, we may suggest permanent dentures to be considered.

Can you sleep with dentures in your mouth?

Yes, but we recommend leaving them out overnight to allow your gums and soft tissue to settle and heal to avoid irritation and infection.

Can I have all my teeth pulled and get dentures?

It is a treatment option, but we always avoid removing all teeth unless it is absolutely necessary. Having some teeth remaining will also help to hold your denture in place and improve its retention making it more comfortable for you to wear and function. We recommend speaking to your dentist at Brighton Dental Suite to decide the best option.


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