Dentures – Are They Right for You? Learn About Your Options

Tooth loss is a fact of life for many Australian adults. Following a good oral hygiene routine reduces the risk of gum disease and tooth decay but doesn’t rule it out entirely. Also, accidents can happen to anyone.  

The average Australian is missing between four and five teeth. The older we get, the more likely tooth loss becomes, but even adults in their 20s are more likely than not to have at least one missing tooth. 

What Are Dentures?

Also known as false teeth, dentures are a natural-looking replacement for anything from a single missing tooth to a complete set of teeth. Patients interested in learning about new dentures in Brighton and throughout Brisbane have several choices open to them at our dental clinic in Brighton.

There is no substitute for sitting down with one of our dentists to discuss your specific case, but here we will give you a brief overview of the available denture options.

Why Choose Dentures?

People turn to teeth dentures to replace one or more missing teeth. You might think that this is about making it easier to chew food and for aesthetic reasons. Both of these are certainly factors, but they are not the only reasons. 

When you have missing teeth, it doesn’t just detract from your smile and make eating difficult. It can also give the face a sunken appearance around the lips and cheeks. If multiple teeth are lost, it can even affect your ability to speak clearly. Well-made and properly fitted dentures solve all these problems with a single stroke.

Dentures are a part of the overall dental services we provide for residents of Brighton, Queensland.

Are Dentures The Right Solution For You?

Even if you are only missing one back tooth and the gap is not apparent when you smile, it is a mistake to leave it. Nature abhors a vacuum, and so do teeth – the ones surrounding the gap will gradually shift, affecting your bite and potentially causing them to become loose, too. 

Dentures are an elegant solution to the problems associated with tooth loss, and there is no upper or lower age limit. You might associate dentures with older adults, but you would be surprised how many people in their 30s and younger have dentures in Brisbane and Queensland.

How are Dentures Made?

Every set of dentures is unique, and the first step in creating yours is to take moulds of your mouth, gums and the teeth you still have. The dentures are then made according to the moulds, and the false teeth are coloured to match your teeth or a little lighter and brighter if you prefer.

Then it is a case of a trial fit, performing the last little adjustments and sending you and your new dentures home, armed with all the information you need about their care and upkeep.

Different Types of Dentures

There are three types of dentures available at our clinic. Partial dentures replace individual missing teeth, keeping your remaining teeth supported and naturally aligned. Full dentures are a practical and attractive solution if most or all of your teeth are missing. The third option is implant-supported dentures (sometimes known as implant-retained dentures). Here, the false teeth are formed around implants embedded in the jaw.

Every case is different, and your dentist can explore which of the options are likely to be most appropriate for you. Full dentures in Australia are a popular choice as the total full denture cost is lower than implant-supported dentures. However, implants represent a permanent solution that requires no more aftercare than natural teeth and helps to hold the dentures making it more comfortable to smile, chew and talk.

The Types of Dentures We Offer

For detailed information about each of the types of Dentures we offer, click on the below that is of interest to you:

Lower Jaw Dentures Dentures in Brighton Brisbane

Full Dentures

We completely replace your entire set of teeth with a set of Dentures – this is known as a Full Denture set.

Partial Dentures in Brighton Brisbane

Partial Dentures

Removal dentures that replace multiple teeth in your mouth’s upper or lower portion. Learn more by clicking below

Implant Support Dentures available in Brighton Brisbane

Implant Dentures

These dentures are permanently fixed to your jaw through an implant – the bext option available.

​Looking After Your Dentures

Dentures must be cleaned daily to remove any food or bacteria before they can accumulate. You must also continue to brush and floss your remaining teeth as usual. When you have your final fitting, your dentist will give you complete instructions on taking care of your dentures. 

Are There Risks With Dentures?

There are more risks associated with leaving missing teeth unattended than with having dentures fitted. Suppose any extractions are needed before having your dentures fitted. In that case, you will likely experience some soreness and swelling for a few days, but over-the-counter medicines should provide adequate relief. Also, it is natural that your new dentures will feel a little strange initially, but it usually only takes a week or so to get used to them.

Our Flexible Payment Options

We accept all health funds, and you can claim your rebate on the spot with our HICAPS machine. We are preferred providers for HCF, Medibank and MDF. If you do not have dental cover for dentures Brighton, we work with zipMoney to bring you affordable payment plans.

Late Opening Hours Available

Contact our team today to schedule your appointment! We’ll sit down with you and have a consultation about which denture option might be most appropriate for you. We provide convenient opening hours that fit easily into your busy week.

* Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

FAQ Regarding Dentures

What types of dentures are available?

There are three types of dentures available. Partial dentures replace individual missing teeth, while full dentures are the most common solution if all or most of your teeth are missing. Implant-supported dentures provide a long-term solution built on titanium implants that are embedded into your jaw.

What do dentures cost?

Everyone’s needs are different, and the price depends on the type of dentures you choose. We will discuss false teeth costs with you during your consultation so that you can factor these into your decision-making. Note that at Brighton Dental Suite, we accept all health funds, and affordable payment plans are also available.

What is the best type of dentures to get?

That really depends on your circumstances. For some, implants are best as they offer a permanent solution. However, if you are missing several teeth, partial dentures are likely to be the most practical option. 

Can you sleep with dentures in?

You should take your dentures out, clean them and store them safely overnight. But don’t worry, you won’t do your dentures or yourself any harm if you occasionally doze off in your armchair with them in!

How should I clean my dentures?

Dentists usually recommend that you soak and brush your dentures with a soft-bristled brush and a nonabrasive denture cleanser. Your dentist will give you detailed instructions on caring for your dentures when you have them fitted.

How do I store my dentures when I am not wearing them?

Store your dentures in a safe place, fully submerged in water. This helps to prevent warping or cracking from occurring.

Can I get my dentures adjusted?

The human jawline changes over time, so it is natural that your dentures will need periodic adjustments. It is a straightforward process that does not usually take long. Again, your dentist will provide detailed information about this at the time of fitting. 

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