General & Cosmetic Dentistry Services Woody Point

Welcome our modern dental practice situated in Brighton, only a quick journey away from Woody Point, where you can reach us within 8 to 12 minutes by car.

Our location, northeast of the city centre, is ideally suited for residents of the surrounding suburbs. This is ideal for those living in Woody Point and wanting a dentist for their general and cosmetic dentistry. If you cannot find dentists in Woody Point, it makes logical sense to seek a suitable dental practice nearby.

That’s where we come in; our clinic is a short drive from Woody Point, caters to patients of all ages, and treats nearly all types of dental conditions. Our team has over twenty years of combined dentistry experience, from dealing with dental cleans to dental implants.

If you have any dental condition and are seeking experienced dentists, then reach out to our team, where we can help you.

Owners of Brighton Dental Suite near to Woody Point Queensland

​A Dental Clinic That Cares For Residents of Woody Point

Finding dentists or dental clinics might be difficult at times. You may feel your mouth needs a special personal touch and complete awareness of what’s happening. Or you might prefer an impersonal dentist who conducts their duties as strictly as possible. Your choice is important to us, and we will therefore adapt to your needs.

We provide personalised care for all our patients. We’ll do so if a patient desires a comprehensive exam and assessment.

Our primary dentists have over 20 years of combined expertise in treating tooth issues, some of which you may not even be aware of. If no appropriate dentists exist in Woody Point, we may send you to a specialist who treats specific dental conditions in Brisbane.

We can help you overcome your dental fears if you’re afraid of dentists.

Call us if you reside in Woody Point and need a dentist.

What Dental Patients from Woody Point Can Expect

Patient 1: Check-Up & Plaque Removal Woody Point

The patient presented with a complaint of build-up behind the front teeth. Had been 6-7 years since the last dental visit. The gums were red and irritated from the build-up sitting there for all those years. Now that the build-up is removed, the gums will be able to settle and go back to normal within a few days.

Before Treatment

Plaque Removal Required During Check-Up in Woody Point

After Treatment

Plaque removed during dental treatment in Woody Point

Patient 2: Dental Implants Woody Point

This patient had been using dentures for the past ten years and had decided that they would prefer something more permanent. They chose a dental implant to replace the second incisor. Here are before and after images of the patient.

Before Treatment

Missing Tooth Requiring Dental Implant in Woody Point

After Treatment

Patient with new Implanted Tooth in Woody Point Queensland

Patient 3: Teeth Whitening Woody Point

This is take-home whitening. The patient had take-home whitening trays, and this is the result after three weeks. The patient loves her brighter smile and is now much more confident smiling.

Before Treatment

Image of patient before teeth whitening in Woody Point Queensland

After Treatment

Far Whiter Teeth From Teeth Whitening in Woody Point Queensland

A Selection of our Dental Service For Those From Woody Point

For further information on all of our dental services, designed to keep your teeth strong and healthy for as long as possible, please click on the services that interest you below:

Routine Dental Check-Ups and Dental Cleaning in Woody Point Queensland

General Dentistry

Regular and preventative dental treatments are essential throughout your life and change as you age.

Cosmetic Dentists in Woody Point

Cosmetic Dentistry

Enhancing your teeth’s appearance through veneers or teeth whitening is Cosmetic Dentistry

Image of Dental Implants in Woody Point Queensland

Oral Surgery

Some evasive procedures require surgical treatment, such as wisdom teeth removal and dental implants

Lower Jaw Dentures Dentures in Woody Point Brisbane


We provide three types of Dentures; full, partial and implants dentures – read about them below.

Braces in Woody Point, Orthodontics in Woody Point


Orthodontics re-align your teeth, making them straighter and symmetrical in appearance.

Root Canal Therapy in Woody Point Queensland

Root Canal Therapy

We address the inside of your teeth by treating inflation and infection from incisors to molars.

Emergency Dentists Close to Woody Point Brisbane

Emergency Dentists

We cover all accidental damage inflicted on your teeth and aim to preserve them rather than remove.

Image of TMJ Treatment Woody Point Queensland

TMJ Treatment

We provide treatment and strong pain killers to stop the re-occurring pain in your upper jaw area.

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Get started today on achieving the smile you want to show the world! Contact the team today to book an appointment for those coming from Woody Point. Convenient same-day appointments are available along with late opening hours.

Driving Directions From Woody Point

The journey from Woody Point to our dental clinic is a short and relatively simple journey.

Let’s start at the heart of Woody Point – Bramble Street. From here, we head west to Victoria Avenue, where we turn left for 260m and take the next right onto Hornibrook Esplanade (State Route 27) for a further 1.9km. You should then find yourself driving over the Ted Smout Memorial Bridge, admiring the views for an additional 3.1km; remember to stay on State Route 27 (Houghton Highway). Straight after the bridge, you must keep left for a further 700m. Then you will turn right onto North Road, and after 1000m, you’ll find us at number 54.

The whole journey by car should take no longer than 10-15 minutes, depending on where you live in Woody Point. Contact us if you live in Woody Point and want a modern dental clinic to treat your teeth.

If you feel like travelling by bicycle, the journey will take approximately 25 minutes across largely flat terrain, with a minimum amount of hills to contend with.

We cater for patients from surrounding suburbs within a 20-minute drive of our clinic – you could be one of them.

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